Our Library Wine Displays offer the perfect option when you need a custom look for a short run.  They offer proven designs, quick turn arounds and customizable options.  Contact us today to place your order!

5 case ladder rack in unfinished pine. 

5 case ladder rack in unfinished pine. 

The Ladder Rack

Over the years, our ladder racks have become some of our most popular designs for displaying wine.  Available in three, four or five case capacity. (Number of cases is equal to number of columns, top row is tilted for bottle presentation)  

Minimum order - 15 units.

3 case- 
     14"w x 54"h x 12"d

4 case- 
     18"w x 54"h x 12"d

5 case-
     22"w x 54"h x 12"d)

Unfinished 3 case rack- 
        $70.00 each

Unfinished 4 case rack- 
        $80.00 each

Unfinished 5 case rack-
        $85.00 each


Water-based Stain finish
        +$4.00 each
Lacquer clear coat
        +$4.00 each


Screen-printed header*
+$150 screen setup fee per color
+$0.50 each per color

*max sizes for graphics: 
3 case 14"x4"
4 case 18"x4"
5 case 22"x4"