We're committed to making responsible decisions 


Powered by the sun

We've recently completed installation on our 78 kilowatt rooftop solar array.  The power we generate, supplemented during times of heavy use with "Deep Green" from Marin Clean Energy, means our facility runs on 100% renewable energy.  We're investing in LED lighting, a fleet of electric forklifts and electric vehicle charging stations to maximize the impact of our solar power.  Not only that, we return clean energy to the grid every weekend and whenever our machines are idle.  


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,

At Ruszel Woodworks we do all three.  

We Reduce by carefully choosing the materials that we use on our packing line, and then working to use less of them.  We've done away with Styrofoam in our facility.  Whenever possible, we pack our products flat, reducing the size of the cartons, and the need to use bulk fill.  Smaller cartons mean we can put more units on each truck for a reduced shipping footprint as well.   

Before we look to recycling, we try to Reuse everything we can. Much of our scrap wood is donated to schools, artists and the public for reuse.  Even our sawdust is donated to a local stable to be used as horse bedding.   We've invested in machinery that allows us to make bulk packing material out of waste cardboard.

Our efforts to Recycle are so ingrained in our company values that we've received commendations from Republic Services, as well as accolades from The City of Benicia for our efforts.    


Greener from the start

Wood is renewable resource, and when responsibly sourced it's a terrific green option.  We work with suppliers who are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which means that their lumber is from responsibly managed forests.  

We also source reclaimed redwood.  It's a gorgeous material that both diverts material from the waste stream, and avoids adding new material to it.      

We engineer and build our displays to last, meaning that they'll have a much longer usable life than some of their corrugated counterparts.