Our Plant

At Ruszel Woodworks, we take great pride in being a true American manufacturer.  As we continue to feel pressure from overseas competition, we've learned to work smarter and be more flexible.  This means that we produce higher quality products, on time, on budget, and on American soil.

Our 20,000 square foot facility might not be the biggest around, but we've outfitted it to be flexible.  We optimize our efficiency by making changes to our layout to accommodate the needs of each customer and each project.  


Applying graphics with screen printing.

Family of Ducks Pull Toy featuring branded graphics.  For more on this item see Specialty Items.



In our finishing department, all the products we use are water based and comply with mandates set by The Bay Area Air Quality Management District.  components can be coated with finishes ranging from paints and stain to lacquers.  This allows a wide range of color and sheen options for the finished look of your piece.


The packing line prepares products to ship out.

In assembly, a display header is drilled to accommodate a custom decorative topper.  

The smaller of our two CNC routers precisely shapes a boat from a panel.

In the mill, grooves are cut into these uprights and the corners are rounded.

The Mill-

Our mill's fleet of machinery is anchored by two CNC routers for precise cutting of parts, as well as a computer operated panel saw that allows us to cut sheet material to size with speed and precision with tolerances down to 1/64".  Custom shaping and machining of components is completed with dozens of woodworking machines including band saws, table saws, multi-spindle drill press, and planers.  Each has been custom built or modified to maximize our capabilities. 


Ruszel Woodworks makes your brand pop with graphics applied via hot branding, as well as full color screen printing.

If a warm, organic and dramatic look is what your brand needs, nothing beats a hot branded image or logo.  Our branders heat a custom metal die to over 900 degrees Fahrenheit and press it into the wood component.  The resulting impression is as tactile as it is visually striking, in a look that mirrors the wood's own beauty in natural variation.

A counterpoint is found just across our graphics department on our screen printing machines where full color graphics are applied directly to wood surfaces. The look is precise, clean, and smooth.

Through a local partnership, we are also able to offer digital printing directly to wood. 


In our finishing department, these components are stained blue, dried and stacked to move on to assembly.


Assembly and Packing-

Once each component is crafted, our assembly crew brings them together to create the final piece.  We use pneumatic guns with brads, staples and nails as well as screws, bolts and specialty fasteners.  We'll design your piece to be shipped fully assembled or knocked down with simple assembly instructions.  We're committed to packing our products in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

We're proud of our plant and what we build.  If you'd like to know more or come visit us in Benicia, California, please get in touch.